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Get the Best Custom Bridge Crane for Your Business

If you need an overhead or bridge crane, give us a call. We’ll tailor the perfect solution to meet your exact needs.


Overhead cranes and bridge cranes offer many benefits when moving large and heavy items around your industrial space. They reduce human workload, allow you to move heavy objects without clearing a path, and are highly customizable. Our bridge cranes can be customized to handle even the toughest jobs and heaviest loads.


At Shannahan Crane and Hoist, we have been one of the leading overhead crane suppliers for more than sixty years. We can design your custom overhead crane from start-to-finish and fix it if it ever needs repairs. We are your one-stop-overhead crane shop, serving St. Louis, Kansas City, and much of the Midwest.

Get a Custom Bridge Crane

If you need a custom overhead crane, give us a call to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you get the crane you need for your business.

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