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When it comes to cranes, Gorbel is a brand you can trust. Gorbel cranes are popular across many industries including fabrication, coil handling, aerospace, and the rail sector because of their reliable and robust, high-quality design and impeccable manufacturing standards.

Gorbel Crane Features and Specifications

Gorbel cranes are designed to meet a variety of manufacturing and workstation requirements. They come in a range of styles including ceiling mounted bridge cranes, freestanding workstation cranes, and monorail cranes.

Installation and Set-Up is A Breeze

Unlike some other brands, Gorbel cranes are easy to install. If you need a crane to make precise and repetitive tasks faster, more efficient, and unfailingly accurate, choose Gorbel. They offer a less expensive and more ergonomic investment when compared to overhead cranes and other industrial machinery solutions. Bolt-on connections enable your Gobel crane to be installed quickly and often in as little as a single day.

Browse Our Gorbel Solutions Now

Take a look at all our Gorbel cranes now and choose the one which is best for your business. We work across both St Louis, MO and Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Uncertain what the best crane would be for your business? Contact Shannahan Crane and Hoist for a consultation today.

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