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Double Girder Underhung Bridge Crane

Double Girder Underhung Cranes are ideal for applications where additional headroom under the runways is necessary.  Runways can be integrated with the building for a ceiling mounted or suspended runway.  Notched bridge beams provide a low headroom design utilizing the depth of the runway.  Double Girder Underhung cranes are capable of larger spans and higher capacities.  NEMA rated components make for an ease of maintenance as well as modular designed components such as brakes, controls and motors.

  • Available for CMAA Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D.
  • Capable of capacities up to 25 tons and spans up to 100 feet or more.


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Standard Features:

  • Double Girder Underhung Bridge Cranes are available in various configurations such as wide flange, patented track or custom fabricated box girder construction.
  • Trolley hoists can be suspended from the lower flange of the bridge and can also be modified to operate on ASCE rail or bar on top of the girders for maximum hook height.
  • End trucks are available in 4 wheel or 8 wheel (bogey) configurations for greater capacities and spans designed to run suspended from wide flange or patented track runways.
  • Safety yellow industrial enamel paint finish (additional colors available upon request)
  • Capable of interlocking systems which allows for transferring a load from a crane in one bay to another or to a monorail.

Additional Features & Options:

  • Dual Hoists
  • Radio remote control with an independent traveling push button station available as back up
  • Travel limits on trolley, hoist or bridge motion
  • Anti-collision
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) 1000:1 speed control
  • Heated and/or air conditioned control boxes
  • Warning lights and horns
  • Service platforms and bridge catwalks
  • Weight/scale readout
  • Magnets
  • Cable reels
  • Powered bottom block
  • Epoxy paint for outdoor or corrosive environments
  • Fall arrest
  • Underhung hoist trolley unit attached to bottom of bridge girders
  • Spark resistant, food grade and explosion proof
  • Wire rope or chain hoists can be mounted

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