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Where To Go When You Need Crane Parts in St. Louis

Cranes represent an essential aspect of your manufacturing or construction business. They make your life a whole lot easier by literally doing all the heavy lifting. They also ensure the safety of your staff and the success of your operations.

While it would be ideal if crane parts could last forever, the truth is that no equipment is everlasting. Sooner or later, it might be time to get additional parts to upgrade your crane or replace a broken component.

So, where do you go when you need crane parts in St. Louis? Continue reading to find out…

Your Best Option for Crane Parts in St. Louis: Shannahan Crane & Hoist

Shannahan Crane & Hoist Inc. is your credible local provider for crane equipment, parts, and repair services. We sell parts from all the major brands to cover your requirements when needed.

We also provide repair services, load testing, and annual inspections if you’re unsure when it’s time to replace your crane.

How to Choose The Best Crane Service Provider and Parts Seller

When choosing where to go when you need to find crane parts, your best bet is often to find the best crane services provider and supplier in the area.

But how do you determine which firm is credible and will provide high-quality equipment?

Check Their Reputation

In most industries, reputation and experience is a good indicator that the provider offers high-quality services.

The same is true for Crane Parts and Crane services. Research a company’s reviews and their customer history to learn if they are a reputable seller.

They should be willing to provide references and details when requested. Browse customer testimonials to learn about what previous customers have thought. 

Shannahan has been in business since 1961 and offers a wealth of experience in serving Crane and Hoist needs, including equipment, parts, service, and training.

Know What Parts You Need

The best way to ensure you get the right parts is to know what you are looking for at a reasonable price.

Determine the brand of the part you need, and take your time considering your requirements for upgrades. The right crane parts seller will then be able to provide you with their options quickly and easily.

Ensure They Cover Your Crane’s Brand

Keeping things consistent is vital to ensure your crane parts fit seamlessly into your equipment and work with your crane or hoist.

Check that your crane’s seller offers parts from various brands, including the one you’re looking for.

Shannahan Crane & Hoist Inc. provides parts and new equipment sales for a wide range of major brands, including:

  • Caldwell
  • Gorbel
  • Harrington
  • Stahl
  • Wagner Brakes
  • Kone
  • Insul-8
  • P&H
  • Power Electronics
  • Yale Hoists
  • Spanco
  • Shepar Niles
  • Conductix
  • Budgit

…and more.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

A crane parts provider that also offers other crane services in your area likely showcases more expertise in their field. Suppose they are qualified to inspect, maintain and repair cranes.

They will be more aware of the quality of the product you are looking for in that case. They’ll also be able to assist in the installation and repair process. This means you can keep the maintenance and repair process simple without involving multiple parties.

Shannahan Crane & Hoist Inc. also provides load testing, repair, annual inspection, and engineering design.

We train operators to safely operate cranes and hoists and provide preventive maintenance to keep your cranes in top condition.

Modernizations and Rebuilding

Sometimes you don’t just want to replace parts to keep going the same way. With the right Crane service provider and parts seller, you could use this opportunity to modernize your present crane or hoist with new, modern parts.

This can save up to 40% compared to the cost of brand-new equipment.

Modernizing your crane can significantly improve its efficiency and convenience, adding to the overall plant productivity and safety. Our Crane and Hoist modernizations include modifications like:

  • New controls
  • Adjustable Frequency Drive Conversions
  • Capacity updates
  • New brake systems
  • Radio control conversions
  • Independent traveling pendant pushbutton conversions
  • New festoon systems
  • Safety overload switches
  • Warning devices
  • Anti-collision devices

These modernizations adhere to all required safety standards and could help your plant run more smoothly, without the waiting time or investment involved in buying a new crane.

Experience in Your Industry

Another great way of checking whether a crane parts seller is a good fit for your business is to review whether they have experience working in your industry.

This can make communication easier and ensure your plant’s needs are understood on both sides. Shannahan in St. Louis provides crane services in industries like:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Paper
  • Plastic injection
  • Steel and foundry
  • Military
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Fabrication
  • Railcar and locomotive
  • Coil handling

…to name a few.

They Offer Crane Repair Services

Whether you’re replacing a part or installing a modernization, repair and maintenance are essential services to fall back on if anything goes wrong.

Crane service providers that are there for you in emergencies can be counted on with their parts as well. 

This should put your mind at ease with the fact that if anything doesn’t work out, you can rely on their help and quickly get things fixed.

Shannahan’s maintenance staff is on call 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. This ensures a maximum of two hours of response time to any repair emergency in St. Louis.

For an even quicker turnaround, the equipment can also be sent straight to our repair facility.

Need Crane Parts in St. Louis? Shannahan Crane & Hoist Inc. is Where to Go

Next time you need crane parts in St. Louis or you’re looking to modernize or maintain your cranes and hoists; we hope you’ll think of us. 

Shannahan has decades of experience in various industries, supplying quality equipment from major brands and offering vital crane services. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or are shopping for parts!

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