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What are Intelligent Lifting Devices?

Your company had yet another employee sidelined due to an injury. Productivity’s down due to the strain on the workforce.

You can’t afford to lose any more employees or production time loss.

There is a way you can keep employees safe and increase productivity. Using intelligent lifting devices assists in this endeavor. 

There are many varieties of intelligent lifting devices, and they all can help your business and employees thrive. 

Read on to learn all about the many benefits of intelligent lifting devices.

What Are Intelligent Lifting Devices

Intelligent lifting devices (ILD) combine the best of humans and machines to work together. It combines the strength of a machine with the perception and command of how a human thinks. 

ILDs are great for tasks like putting heavy objects on a pallet or anything that is a repetitive motion task. It allows the worker to control the device as if it was a continuation of themselves. The intelligent lifting device and the employee work in harmony together.

The safety and efficiency made Intelligent Lifting Device’s popularity rise.

Businesses use both full-automation and semi-automation at different times. Intelligent Lifting Devices combine both of those. You’ll have the strength of the machine and the cognitive ability of the employees that carry out the task.

Gantry cranes are favored since they’re lightweight and portable. They can also lift heavy loads. They’re taken apart and put back together easily and can go from one site to the next.

Another example is the G-Force Q and iQ intelligent lifting devices. The combination of new technology and normal human direction amplifies productivity. It also lessens the risk of injury to the worker.

This device has infinite speed control and has pinpoint precision. 

Gorbel Easy Arm combines a G-Force lifting device and a jib crane. This device can reach around or under if there is an obstruction. It relocates with ease.

Intelligent Lifting Devices are a little pricier, but with all the benefits, you’ll see a return on the investment in a matter of months.

 Benefits of Intelligent Lifting Devices

Why use intelligent lifting devices?

The main reason for using intelligent lifting devices are all the great benefits

  • Increased speed at production, assembly, and distribution lines
  • User friendly
  • Ergonomics benefits
  • Less damage to machines
  • Less product damage
  • Increases job performance

Production, Assembly, and Distribution Lines

They can help with more speed at the Production, Assembly, and Distribution Lines. The operator of an Intelligent Lifting Device can make it move as fast or as slow as they need it to move. Even heavy items can be moved at a faster rate.

ILDs allow the worker to go at a faster pace and supply better efficiency on the line. They can have precision placing, which reduces product damage. 

Easy Training

Training only takes minutes because they’re ergonomic and respond to the user’s objective. There is hardly any non-working time for training, and productivity’s increased right away.

Workers seem to prefer ILDs then traditional lifting devices because of the ease of use. You want workers to accept using a lifting device to prevent the risk of injury. They seem willing to accept Intelligent Lifting Devices.

Better Ergonomics for the Employees

Intelligent Lifting Devices merge easily into the work area, and that helps the employee to do the job safer. That means higher production numbers with fewer mishaps and injuries.

The University of Rochester performed an ergonomic lifting study. The study lays out all the advantages of Intelligent Lifting Devices. The study states that workers were 70 % more productive when using an Intelligent Lifting Device. 

They can work quicker and have high levels of productivity without fatigue.

The Intelligent Lifting Devices can adjust to a variety of weights. That means there’s no stopping to reprogram the device.

Repetition and strain are the most common causes of injuries to workers. The risks lower when using Intelligent Lifting Devices. Employees can do tasks safely, which means less time off. The ILDs do all the heavy lifting, so workers don’t stress their bodies. 

The risk of strain on the body is reduced by the Intelligent Lifting Devices. This is because the ILD makes up for the weight of the item.

Creating safe environments and fewer injuries also mean fewer Worker’s Compensation Claims. That saves the health of the employee and costs that would come from a claim.

Protects Machinery 

ILDSs have computer sensors in them that allow them to have accurate movements. Even really heavy machinery can be guided into place with precision. What that means is that there is less chance of human error and harm to the machines. 

An error by humans is what causes most of the issues that happen during production. Intelligent Lifting devices help lower that risk. 

You can avoid costly machine damage when ILDs are in use. 

How ILDs Benefit Your Business

You can see the benefits of intelligent lifting devices for your business.

Productivity will rise, and your employees are safer. A rise in the bottom line is another great benefit to your company. You’ll see your investment returned in a short time.

Shannahan Crane and Hoist are happy to assist your business find the right ILDs to fit the needs of your employees.

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