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How Intelligent Lifting Devices Benefit a Business in Saint Louis

Are you looking for ways to expedite the heavy lifting that you need to be performed in your company’s daily operations? Do you wish there were a way to purchase lift assist devices that actually help your team grow? If so, then you need to invest in intelligent lifting devices. 

Doing so will unlock many benefits for your business. It will enhance the safety of your work floor, lessen the burden of your staff, and make lifting technology easier to control.

See below for an in-depth guide on how intelligent lifting devices can benefit your Saint Louis or Kansas City business.

1. Helps Your Save Money

What company isn’t looking for ways to save money? You probably didn’t expect to see “cost-savings” on a list about purchasing heavy machinery, but it can certainly do so.

In fact, intelligent lifting devices will help your company save money in more ways than one. 

First, it will reduce the risk of a workers’ compensation claim. Statistics show that the average workers’ comp claim comes out to be around $40,000 or so. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can cost a lot more than that.

Among the most common causes of workers’ comp injuries are those relating to the improper use of machinery, as well as situations where the machine malfunctions. With intelligent lifting devices, that will no longer be a risk to your company’s budget.

Second, the state of Missouri is willing to give safety grants to companies that make strides towards increasing the safety of their workers. This funding is meant to be used as a way to further increase the safety of your workforce, not necessarily a reward for the work you’ve done so far.

Lastly, it can help you shave costs by reducing the amount of scrap that you have in your facility. How? By reducing the likelihood that your employees will damage products as they use the lifting devices.

Since intelligent lifting devices have an easy-to-use ergonomic lifting feature, there’s less likelihood of error.

2. Increases Safety for Your Staff

This was touched on a bit in the previous paragraph, but it bears worth repeating: an intelligent lifting device will increase the safety of your entire staff. Those operating it, those around it, etc.

The ergonomic usage of our intelligent lifting devices will help your staff to easily pick up products and minimize the risk of damaging them.

You and your staff can take on a hybrid of both. You’ll be able to assign your staff to certain tasks in your business operations, then use the intelligent lifting devices to protect their health.

For example, say there is a heavy crate of products that needs to be moved onto shelves to save space on your floor. By using an intelligent lifting device, that crate can be moved almost effortlessly, keeping the products safe inside.

More importantly, your employee won’t have to risk pulling a back muscle or tripping/slipping while trying to lift the crate on the shelf.

3. Increases Productivity

Did you know that the average American worker is only productive for 3 hours each day? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, studies show that your staff is only productive less than half the time that you pay them for each day.

How can you maximize that effort? How can you increase the productivity of your staff to create an efficient form of business operations? The answer: take stuff off of their plate.

If you’re relying on members of your staff to do the consistently heavy lifting, then they are burning through their energy rather quickly. Intelligent lifting devices can help lessen the physical burden, helping your employees direct their focus on production instead.

Mental and physical energy expenditures are the same. In other words, if you’re burning physical energy, you’re burning through mental energy as well.

By using an intelligent lifting device for their daily tasks, they won’t just up their productivity, but their efficiency as well.

4. Portability

This should be prefaced by saying that not all intelligent lifting devices are as portable as others. It depends on what you’re looking for.

However, lifting devices such as gantry cranes are an incredible option to stock up on for your company. They’re lightweight, portable, and durable.

They can be used to quickly lift any heavy items without taking up any walkway space on your work floor. Simply place them on a rail and they can be transported wherever you need them to be in your facility.

5. Expedites Labor-Intensive Tasks

These days, the name of the game in manufacturing is meeting demand. That isn’t easy to do if you’re relying solely on the backs of your workers. Not to mention, that’s a quick way to increase the number of workers’ comp claims your company receives.

Instead, you can use different intelligent lifting devices to expedite the processes of your manufacturing workflow. Lifting heavy equipment takes one-fourth of the time that it used to take to perform the same tasks.

Tasks that used to require up to 4 people (or more) can now be done by one person using an ergonomic lifting device to do so. Talk about efficiency!

Invest in the Right Intelligent Lifting Devices for Your Saint Louis Company

Now that you have seen how intelligent lifting devices can benefit your Saint Louis-based company, it’s time for you to stock up!

Be sure to read this article for a guide on single girder or double girder cranes to find out which is better for your needs.

For more inquiries, please begin by reaching out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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