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How Industrial Businesses Benefit From Crane Fabrication Services

For decades, different industries everywhere have used standard industrial cranes to move heavy materials and large loads between processes. Today, as businesses continue to branch out into specialized fields, there is even more of a demand for custom material handling solutions—including specialized cranes. Find out how your company can benefit from crane fabrication services below.

Benefits of Custom Crane Fabrication

Improved Quality Control

With a customized crane solution, businesses can experience improved control over specific tasks. With a reduced risk of human error, product quality levels are improved, and conserved resources can be allocated towards other facility needs.

Shorter Lead Times

Ordering standard crane solutions from major crane manufacturers can take several weeks to months as you’re competing with the demands of other industries. With a custom crane solution, lead times are shorter, and you can benefit from equipment that is built specifically for your exact needs.

Lower Costs

Because the entire crane system is designed, manufactured, and installed in-house, you can cut out several middlemen from the process, making the cost of equipment integration significantly cheaper.

Industries Served by Crane Fabrication Services

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, construction primarily involves using materials such as aluminum alloys, high-strength steels, titanium alloys, and heavy composites. These materials account for the majority of the weight of an aircraft or spacecraft. For this reason, specialized crane fabrication services are especially important.


Crane fabrication services deliver reliable handling solutions made especially for paper and pulp mills. Paper products can be fragile and sensitive to careless errors, so there is an increased need to handle them gently and precisely while keeping up with efficiency needs.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry where each vehicle part and component must be handled with care and precision, especially for luxury vehicles, there is an increased need for safe and reliable material handling systems. Crane fabrication services provide better quality control when moving important auto body parts. 

Steel & Foundry Industry

Crane fabrication services allow for the effective movement of potentially hazardous materials in steel and foundry applications. In steel mills, cranes help to transport molten metal materials through production.

Mining Industry

Industrial lifting equipment, such as cranes, are often used for both underground and open-pit operations in the mining industry. Cranes can be deployed to move heavy equipment, raw materials, debris, and other important supplies.

Plastic Injection/Die Handling Industry

In these industries, operations often involve handling large-capacity loads in high-temperature environments. Crane fabrication services provide a safe material handling solution that protects operators from certain dangers and risks in these types of environments.

Food Industry

Electric-powered, highly-efficient cranes are required to maintain dust-free material handling operations in food processing. Certain regulations also require specialized cranes that can handle fragile materials or food products in specific environments and temperatures.


Crane fabrication services are employed to create armored cranes that must meet military standards. Military cranes aid in loading artillery, assembling military vessels, and handling hazardous tactical equipment.


Crane fabrication services provide effective material handling solutions in the energy industry, particularly for moving turbines, transformers, compressors, engines, and other power-generating equipment.

Railcar & Locomotive Industry

Railroad crews can minimize the time it requires to transport, load, or unload a high volume of materials by employing custom crane fabrication services. Cranes also provide safe and efficient movement of freight containers onto rail cars at intermodal hubs.

Coil Handling

Cranes help to transport coils, plates, and metal bars, among other things, during machining processes. While they are used primarily for handling heavy materials, they can also be used overhead to free up space on the factory floor for other important operations.

Crane Fabrication by Shannahan Crane & Hoist

Shannahan Crane & Hoist offers custom crane fabrication services in St. Louis, MO, for all your industrial needs. Since 1961, we’ve been a leading designer, manufacturer, distributor, and service center for all types of overhead material handling equipment in the Midwest. We’re headquartered in St. Louis, MO, and Edwardsville, KS, but we fulfill turnkey jobs anywhere in the United States. We provide complete sales, engineering, parts, and services—all in one place, making our solutions unparalleled in the material handling equipment industry. 

Here’s what you can expect from our crane fabrication services:

Turnkey Project Design

At Shannahan Crane & Hoist, we’ll plan, design, and build your custom crane or hoist from the ground up. We’ll take all of your requirements into account, such as load capacities, speed, lift height levels, and more.


Parts are assembled with the utmost precision and care at our facilities. You can rest assured that our crane fabrication services are exclusively in-house and only make use of the most high-quality and genuine parts and materials.


After your custom fabrication is completed, we will also deliver and install the equipment ourselves. This way, we can ensure the quality and efficiency of the product as we integrate it into your operations.


Once your custom fabrication has been installed, we will help you get it up and running so you can resume or begin production as soon as possible. We’ll closely monitor the equipment and make sure it passes all safety and production requirements.

Load Testing

One of the most important processes involved in integrating new equipment is load testing. As mentioned before, we’ll make sure your equipment is running as it should before we give you the ok to begin operations. We do this by performing thorough and precise load testing to ensure your crane can perform well and consistently under intense working conditions with heavy loads.

Leading Crane Fabrication Services in St. Louis, MO

Shannahan Crane & Hoist offers the best crane and hoist solutions in St. Louis, MO. We also offer annual safety inspections, 24-hour emergency services through our Repair Program, as well as Operator Safety Training, among other services. If you’re looking for an industry-leading equipment provider for your growing material handling operations, please contact us today. You can also browse our website to see full lists of the equipment and services that we provide. 

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