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Do You Need a Rolling Gantry Crane? What to Know

A rolling gantry crane has swiftly entered the market and become a much more efficient option for multiple industries. There are a few different types of gantry cranes, but they all offer a diversity of uses. Additionally, they are commonly used in the outdoor setting and can strike a balance between quality and productivity. 

If you have started considering the benefits of a rolling gantry crane, keep reading our complete guide for more information!

What Is a Rolling Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is an overhead system that sits on wheels or tracks. However, it is not the same as an overhead bridge crane. Often, these two terms are used interchangeably, but they have some stark differences. 

Typically, a gantry crane has one or two girders. It is not linked to the supportive structures of a building, which is one of the biggest differentiators from a bridge crane. 

Since it is supported on the ground by freestanding legs, it is cheaper and sometimes easier for construction sites and maintenance shops. Larger gantry cranes might have fixed tracks, but smaller cranes can often be portable for multiple project sites. 

Gantry Crane Types

If you want the best crane for your facility, you can’t neglect the gantry crane. It is an excellent choice for many industries because it has multiple uses and types that you can purchase. Some of the common types of gantry cranes are:

  • Full system
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Semi-gantry

The semi-gantry is a crane partially attached to the wall but works with a railway system that makes it a more accessible option than a bridge crane. Adjustable and portable gantry cranes are ideal options for work sites that need cranes for various uses.

Portable cranes are ideal because they can swiftly move through a building on wheels while carrying heavy loads. You might have some limitations with a portable crane on weight restrictions, but it should still accomplish some of your more arduous tasks.

Most experts could agree that a construction crane is only as valuable as the number of tasks it can accomplish. This notion makes the adjustable gantry crane an ideal option for many sites. 

Typically, there are three areas in the adjustable gantry crane that can be modified, including: 

  • Base
  • Height
  • I-Beam placement

It is also typically set on wheels, which gives it the benefit of portability. However, the most popular gantry crane is the full-sized version. They are generally wide and tall enough that vehicles and other transport can cross underneath them. 

What Are Gantry Cranes Used For?

Usually, full-sized and semi-gantry cranes handle heavier workloads. They are seen in shipping yards, rail yards, and steelyards. 

This type of crane is beneficial for outdoor work, making it an excellent option for site areas where concrete is being laid. Portable gantry cranes are sometimes used in conjunction with full-sized cranes. 

They can help transport or assemble items. Sometimes, they are compared to jib cranes, but they are usually more helpful because they are portable and can work throughout the entire construction site. 

This distinction is one of the reasons gantry cranes have a six percent projected growth through 2031. It is rapidly increasing in popularity due to being lightweight and easy to use.

Benefits of Rolling Gantry Crane

One of the significant benefits of a rolling gantry crane is that you can take it wherever you need. Larger gantry cranes are usually placed on tracks which allow for some flexibility but still pose limitations. 

You can only work in a certain workspace, and it cannot carry assembled items across a facility. Most rolling gantry cranes might be smaller than a full-sized crane but offer you more flexibility with your work. 

There are a few things that you should bear in mind with a rolling gantry crane. For starters, the wheels and casters mean that you need to be mindful of workloads. 

It also means that you need regular maintenance on the mechanisms of the wheels. Loose bolts and casters can pose safety and health risks for employees. 

Another component that might wear down with time is the gantry crane hoist. One of the big benefits of an overhead crane is that the hoist can usually move along the top beam for more flexibility. 

However, it also takes most of the burden of the weight and can break down with age and use. You can easily ensure that your crane is lifting appropriate loads by having a crane repair service company provide a load testing service. Most regulations state that cranes should not exceed 125% of their rated capacity. 

Used Gantry Crane

Should you purchase a used gantry crane? It is a simple way to save money, but you should always exhibit wariness when looking at used equipment. 

Before using any used gantry crane, you should call on the experts. Qualified companies that meet OSHA regulation standards can perform initial and intermittent inspections to ensure your crane operates safely and efficiently. 

Crane Service Company

Have you considered a rolling gantry crane for your production facility or maintenance shop? These modern, lightweight cranes are swiftly becoming the new standard. Their wide usage in the construction industry makes it a more cost-friendly choice than other cranes. 

Before purchasing a gantry crane, you want to make sure you go through a trusted and reliable company. We offer various gantry cranes and provide crane repair and inspection services that meet OSHA guidelines for the ultimate peace of mind. 

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