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David Round Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist

David Round’s explosion proof hoist products are specifically designed to meet electrical standards required in hazardous or classified manufacturing and processing areas. Unlike our competitors, our explosion proof chain hoists come with the spark resistant features because that is the safest way to lift your load in a hazardous environment. We also offer hoists intended not only for Class I environments, but also Class II.


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  • Featuring NEMA 7 enclosures, pendants and fittings as well as explosion-proof rated motors as required, EPC-Series electric explosion proof chain hoist products are intended for H-4 operation in Class I environments with flammable gasses and vapors AND Class II locations where combustible dust is present. Units are further configured for use in either Division I or II rated facilities.


  • All EPC-Series explosion proof hoist products include spark-resistant features to further reduce the likelihood of inadvertent sparking during normal lifting operations. Each Explosion proof hoist is supplied with rubber bumpers in addition to stainless steel trolley wheels, load chain, bottom block and hook.
  • David Round manufactures both explosion proof and dust ignition proof apparatus as specified by David Round’s interpretation of Articles 500-504 of the National Electric Code (2002). However, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the class, division and group for each hoisting application and to ensure that each David Round product intended for use in a hazardous environment specifically meets the requirements for the intended area of use prior to installation and operation.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel trolley wheels
  • Stainless Steel load chain
  • Stainless Steel bottom block
  • Stainless Steel safety hook
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Universal trolley wheels for flat/tapered flange beams

Additional Features:

  • Spark-resistant components
  • Universal trolley wheels for flat/tapered flange beams
  • Sealed gearing with oil bath lubrication
  • Upper/lower hook position limit switch
  • Reversing single speed controls for hoist and trolley
  • Automatic electric hoist brake
  • Stainless Steel chain container
  • Lug mounted
  • 230/460 Volts – 60 Hz – 3 Phase

Optional Features:

  • Epoxy paint
  • Variable speed operation with AC inverter
  • Push or motorized trolley
  • Trolley soft start
  • Trolley brake
  • Mainline contactor
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • All stainless steel hoist designs
  • Low-headroom versions
  • Long-lift units
  • Rail sweeps/restraining lugs
  • Articulating trolleys
  • Tractor drives
David Round Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist Brochure

David Round Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist Brochure

David Round Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist Brochure

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