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industrial hoists

6 Types of Industrial Hoists & Why You Need Them

Hoists are specialized equipment used to lower, lift, and transport large or heavy objects. They’re typically used in large-scale production industries, such as construction, aerospace, automotive, mining, food processing, steel and foundry, and more. Industrial hoists have the ability to handle high-capacity loads quickly and easily, making them invaluable additions to these industries that require

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Harrington (N)ERM Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoist
Crane Inspections

The Importance of Annual Inspections for Hoist Equipment

The average cost of construction equipment in the US is set to rise by 6% by 2028. This might not sound like a lot, but if you are paying thousands of dollars for your hoist equipment, these costs can quickly add up.  Fortunately, you can protect your investment with regular equipment maintenance. This includes scheduling a

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Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Hoist for Your Project

The global hoist market is estimated to reach US$2.558 by 2026, so getting high-quality equipment will become more challenging as more products are being made.  That’s why it’s essential to know what to look for before purchasing to ensure you have the best hoist.  If this is your first time, you might be thinking, how to choose

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hoist and crane

The Best Cranes for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is a massive and rapidly growing field, valued at $72.8 billion. It is made up of two main segments: commercial aviation and defense aviation. Regarding aerospace manufacturing, quality and safety are of utmost importance. Choosing the right hoist and crane is essential for any aerospace manufacturer. In this blog post, we’ll look

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4 Types of Cranes and Their Functions

As long as humans have been building, we have used tools. We’ve come a long way from small hand tools to massive machines like cranes. Cranes of all types have been instrumental on construction sites for thousands of years.  Today, there are many types of cranes. All are crafted with care to perform specific functions. These

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Overhead Crane

The Different Types of Lifting Devices Explained

Are you looking to boost manufacturing efficiency in your facility? It might be time to upgrade your current overhead lifting devices. If you still have team members manually having to lift or move large, heavy materials, not only are they at risk of overuse and injury, but your production slows way down. Both of these scenarios

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Rebuilt 150 Ton Hook and Block for Hydro Power Plant

This is one of two 150 ton hooks we completely overhauled with 16 new bearings per hook. This is used at a hydro power plant, on a 300 ton double leg gantry. They have an outage and wanted to be sure nothing goes wrong. There is a 300 ton turbine that is lifted out and

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Recent Projects

Cage Wire Rope Hoists for the Coal Industry

Shannahan Crane has provided several Detroit and Ace Terminators deck mount hoists which are installed in the upper section of the elevators.  The cage hoists are operated both at ground level and below ground in the shafts to allow for equipment to be loaded and unloaded at multiple levels in and above the mine.  The

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