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Benefits and Uses of Workstation Cranes

While it’s easy to gravitate to the usual factory setup, sometimes it’s better to update your workforce.

By “workforce”, we don’t only mean the humans working in your factory. We’re also talking about the machines that they use to perform essential tasks.

That’s where workstations cranes come in. With great mobility and strength, workstation cranes put themselves ahead of the factory equipment game.

So keep reading to understand why workstation cranes are great additions to your factory space. Afterward, you’ll be motivated to minimize wasted space and maximize production.

Uses of Workstation Cranes

In short, workstation cranes lift heavy loads. With the proper setup, they can also move along the warehouse as needed, using great mobility as they move one load to the next.

Workstation cranes are industrial machines, but they’re also a lot more user-friendly than novices may think. Good thing they are, as they’re great, versatile machines that provide critical support in a processing and handling facility.

How Workstation Cranes Work

To install this system, the bridge crane must be mounted and secured to a ceiling structure or column system. The surrounding roof structure will influence how the crane is situated. Then, a movement device is installed.

While they can not move totally freeform, they can move side to side, front and back. 

Why You Need Workstation Cranes

There are many long-term advantages offered by workstation cranes. Not only will it do the job a lot better, but it will also result in long-term financial savings for many reasons.


Carrying heavy loads isn’t easy, and even strong workers have tough moments. But ease of handling isn’t the only thing at stake when people handle heavy loads. Through short-term accidents and/or long-term wear or tear, unnecessary heavy lifting can have a real toll on the body.

Of course, tripping and improper lifting technique can lead to injury. This can even cause more problems, as spilled goods and sudden falls can alarm their coworkers, possibly causing them to trip. For older workers, this is worse as falling can have more serious consequences than for younger workers.

There’s also the long-term damage carrying heavy loads can inflict on the body. Though not apparent at first, continual straining can lead to extra strain on the muscles and bones. This can lead to several medical conditions, especially those related to joint health such as patellar tendinopathy.

The worst consequence of all is pretty lethal. Heavy factory loads can easily shoot up to hundreds of pounds, which is more than enough to kill someone. If you need more motivation to buy a workstation crane immediately, install a workstation crane setup.

Better Work Quality

A stronger hand is a steadier one, which is great for handling products. Since these cranes are so strong, there’s less risk of goods getting damaged. They don’t need to try so hard to maintain their balance to do the job well.

People aren’t machines, so it makes sense that they’re not reliable contenders for carrying extremely heavy loads. Instead, you can focus your staff workforce on tasks that actually need a full human operation.

While workstation cranes aren’t completely automated, they do a faster, quicker, and more reliable job than humans ever could. Putting off workstation crane incorporation won’t do you any favors, even if it cuts costs at the moment. In the long run, better work quality can lead more business to your facility, meaning a financial boost that covers more than enough of the initial costs of a workstation crane.

Efficient Workforce Utilization

Understaffing isn’t an ideal business practice, but neither is inefficient overstaffing. Instead of hiring more people to increase the number of boxes carried every day, invest in a workstation crane. While the initial cost is pricey, your business will save a lot on operational costs for years to come.

Workstation cranes can also replace or supplement other machines, such as forklifts and jib cranes. While many single-use machines can cause a racket, a workstation crane will do all of these machines’ combined work while maximizing floor space.

Let Workstation Cranes Do a Better Job

When it comes to a processing and handling facility, efficiency is key. While it may seem like a hassle to look into a whole new system, workstation cranes have a vital, long-term impact on both production and cost.

At Shannahan Crane & Hoist, we know that workstation cranes are multipurpose powerhouses. Investing in them could mean the world to your workforce and your profits. So if you’re interested in a more efficient workforce, check out our Gorbel Workstation Cranes today — get a little closer to optimal production.

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