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Anver Lifting Bail Assembly

Lifting Bail for Remote Generators
Up to 2,200 lb (998 kg) for 3″ sq. beams


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  • Manifold vacuum gauge for operator to monitor safe vacuum level.
  • Attach/release control valve with check valve lockout.
  • Adjustable front handlebar.
  • Quick-disconnect for easily changing pad attachments.
  • Does not include safety reservoir.
  • VLS, battery powered vacuum leakage sensor and warning system included (ARSL Series only).


  • Frame Construction
  • Frames are fully welded with a structural lifting capacity rating of 2000 lb. (907 Kg.) for 3” sq. beams with beam mounting hardware
Anver Leakage Sensing System

Anver Leakage Sensing System

The VLS monitors vacuum level of various systems. If the pre-set percentage of vacuum is lost during a lift, a loud horn sounds and a red light flashes to warn the operator. (NOTE: The alarm will not activate during release mode, or from a sudden catastrophic loss of vacuum.)

ALL ANVER Vacuum Lifters, Tilters, and special vacuum lifting machinery, can be equipped with the new VLS Vacuum Leakage Sensor by means of connecting the vacuum source to be monitored with appropriate ¼” flexible tubing, (Part No. PC-T14, clear), to the ¼” push-to-connect vacuum input fitting.


  • Advanced Solid State Circuitry with state-of-the-art MCU control unit.
  • Precise, reliable, board mounted vacuum transducer.
  • Large LCD screen with large digits for highly visible, easy to read output.
  • Bright flashing Red LED Warning Light and Audible Warning Horn.
  • Rechargeable, long life, On-Board Battery Bank, (OBB).
  • Easy access replaceable 9V Lithium Battery Back-Up, (BBU).
  • Color segmented battery condition indicators for both On-Board and Replaceable batteries.
  • Fast, 2 hour, recharge of OBB, with optional AC/DC Charger/Adapter, (Part No. WS12DC).
  • Power Management logic; Operates directly and independently from 3 power sources, WS12DC AC/DC
  • Adapter/Charger, OBB Battery Bank, or BBU Back-up Battery. (The OBB will automatically provide power when the AC/DC Adapter power is disconnected, and the BBU Battery will continue to power the VLS if the OBB
  • Battery power is depleted.
  • Low battery “chirp” signal, when the VLS is disconnected from an AC power source and battery power is low.
  • Easily change vacuum units of measure between inHg and kPa.
  • Easy Push-to-Connect, ¼” vacuum fitting.
  • Rugged polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Plug-in auxiliary jack for connecting to the Anver VLS-AUX auxiliary alarm, or other peripheral devices

Vacuum Leakage Sensing System Spread Sheet

Vacuum Leakage Sensing System
Vacuum Leakage Sensing System
Vacuum Leakage Sensing System
Vacuum Leakage Sensing System

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