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Caldwell STRONG-BAC Twin Hoist Lifting Beam
Crane Repair

A Buyer’s Guide to Different Types of Crane Parts

Are you someone who needs to buy or sell heavy machinery or parts, such as crane parts? If yes, you need to know what to look for when choosing pieces to buy. To assist you in the buying, we’ve outlined some of the parts that you’ll likely see, what they do, and what to look

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crane modernization

The Top 7 Benefits of Crane Modernization

Extending the lifespan of your crane systems is easy to do if your equipment is engineered and maintained properly. However, over time, your crane will become outdated and unreliable for your growing business needs, not to mention unsafe. This can slow down productivity and cost you money that would be better spent on crane modernization.

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material handling

5 Best Practices for Heavy-Duty Material Handling Equipment

Have you stopped to think about the thousands of products you use every day? From the toothbrush you use in the morning to the bed, you sleep in at night. Everything you touch has been moved and transported by a complex system of material handling. Behind the convenience of modern-day products lies a serious safety

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crane load chart

How to Read a Crane Load Chart

It’s essential that operational training form part of your warehouse maintenance every year.  Many people assume that warehouse maintenance is solely about repairing physical equipment. However, offering safety and equipment training to your staff is just as essential. This refreshes everyone’s skills and can help improve productivity at the ground level.  Cranes and forklifts are

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overhead crane

What’s the Difference Between an Overhead Crane and a Hoist?

In an industry with so many specific terms, it’s easy to mix them up or misuse them. Most people might not think there is a difference between concrete and cement but anyone that works with these materials on a daily basis need to understand how they differ from one another.  The same can be said

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crane maintenance mistakes
Safety Training

3 Crane Maintenance Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Did you know that people spend more than $23 billion on the market for cranes every single year? Not only that but this market is expected to reach a value of over $38 billion by the end of 2030. That means that experts expect this market to grow at a steady rate of about 5%

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What is a RAD?
Safety Training

What is a RAD? Everything You Need To Know

Radiation is around us all the time. There are naturally occurring sources, such as energetic particles from the sun and stars, known as “cosmic radiation.” There is anthropomorphic or human-made radiation, which presents different concerns. If you work in manufacturing, nuclear, medical, or other industries that deal with radiation, you may be wondering how to

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Lifting Devices

The Benefits of Investing in Intelligent Lifting Devices

Did you know that it’s possible to improve your fulfillment efficiency and optimize your stock levels by making use of the newest business technologies such as intelligent lifting devices? If it has been a while since your business has invested in new equipment, you might be missing out on the opportunity to improve your efficiency

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Workstation Cranes

Workstation Crane Maintenance: A Guide

In your business, accuracy, and efficiency count more than anything. And that’s precisely why you’re excited to invest in a workstation crane system. Workstation cranes are a cost-effective and ergonomic solution for making repetitive and precise movements. For this reason, they are skyrocketing in popularity, particularly in the growing area of high-technology operations, such as Internet of Things product development.

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Shannahan Crane & Hoist - A Division of America Equipment Holdings
Press Releases

American Equipment Expands National Field Service and Equipment Offerings With Acquisition of Shannahan Crane & Hoist

Addition of extensive Midwest capabilities strengthens American Equipment’s position as one of the nation’s leading industrial MRO field service and equipment solutions providers American Equipment Holdings (“American Equipment”), a Rotunda Capital Partners portfolio company, has acquired Shannahan Crane & Hoist (“Shannahan Crane”), a leading provider of engineered overhead crane systems and maintenance, repair and overhaul

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