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7 Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Your Cranes

Are you wondering whether you need to do preventative maintenance on your cranes?

Crane maintenance is an important part of keeping your industrial cranes functioning at their highest level. It also hurts your company’s ability to run smoothly and safely. Businesses that don’t perform preventative maintenance run the risk of incurring many costly consequences. 

But knowing why you need your crane maintenance done is also essential. It will help you see the necessity and motivate your workers to perform basic maintenance tasks. Below, we’ll get into the top 7 benefits of having regular maintenance performed on your cranes. Keep reading to learn more so you can get the most out of your cranes!

1. Keep Your Cranes Safe to Use

As an employer, the safety of your workers should be your top concern for both ethical and financial reasons. 

Employees who become injured on the job may not have the ability to return to work. They might also struggle to find other jobs if their injury results in a disability.

You might also have to pay their medical fees. According to U.S. law, employers have the responsibility to keep their workers safe. So, workers who are injured on the job can ask their employers to pay for their treatment.

Every company should get a workers’ compensation insurance policy to help them cover the medical expenses of injured workers. This insurance company will also help you negotiate a settlement if the employee chooses to sue.

Getting preventative maintenance done on your cranes can reduce employee injuries at work. When not well-maintained, cranes can become dangerous to use. So, regular maintenance allows you to spot and fix hazardous problems.

2. Extend the Lifespan of Your Crane

Cranes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A few of the more expensive ones cost more than $1 million. So, if you buy a crane, you need to make sure you can use it for the longest possible period of time. 

The lifespan of a crane varies based on the type of crane you have. Many last upwards of 20 years, giving you a lot of opportunities to use them to maximize your profits. As such, many companies that buy cranes find them worth the money.

But your cranes won’t last that long if you don’t conduct preventative maintenance. Repetitive use causes your crane to incur wear and tear. Eventually, it will break down if you don’t keep it maintained.

Maintenance lets you spot small issues before they become large ones. So, you might need to purchase a crane years earlier than you would if you maintained your crane.

3. You Will Save Money

When you have your industrial cranes maintained regularly, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars.

A crane’s small problems become large ones when you continue to use it without maintaining it. As such, you will need to spend more to get your crane’s big issues fixed. You can save money by having the crane maintained regularly. 

In addition, you’ll avoid losing money because of stalled production. If your crane is integral to your production process, you might struggle to continue if it breaks down. Getting it regularly maintained can help you prevent having large amounts of time without your crane.

4. Avoid Client Frustration

If your crane delays production, you might end up fielding calls from frustrated clients. This frustration often stems from the client perceiving that you don’t respect their time.

Sometimes, frustrated clients may write bad reviews. These can damage your reputation and prevent you from getting new business in the future.

Crane maintenance can help you avoid this because it keeps your crane from breaking down. So, you’ll be able to spend more time fulfilling orders or meeting client needs. Then, you can focus on increasing production and growing your revenue. 

5. Keep Employee Morale Higher

People who come to your office every day might experience higher amounts of frustration if the equipment doesn’t work. This is because cranes reduce their workload. They also make it possible for them to do their jobs. 

So, if your cranes aren’t well-maintained, your employees might grow frustrated with how much they break down. You might notice a decrease in morale and an increase in worker turnover. 

6. Become More Efficient with Preventative Maintenance

Cranes greatly increase your efficiency. They can move a lot of heavy objects that would take much longer to relocate without them.

When a crane breaks down, your team will need to find a way around the issue. This can prove challenging and impact how much work gets done each day. Even though maintenance takes time, it saves you time in the long run by preventing the breakdown. 

7. Maintain Your Ability to Sell Your Crane

Companies need to sell their cranes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, businesses close and need to find a new owner for the crane. Other times, they decide they don’t need the crane any longer and don’t want to store it.

But if you don’t keep your crane maintained, you might not have the ability to sell it. A crane that’s in poor shape won’t sell for as much, either. So, you should always make sure your crane has undergone maintenance before putting it on the market.

Ready to Get a Crane?

Now that you know the value of preventative maintenance, you’re ready to keep your crane better maintained.

If you need new parts for your crane, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in selling the best parts for a wide variety of cranes. This allows you to replace parts if the maintenance process reveals they’ve become damaged.

Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Contact us today!

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